My name is Mikel Insalaco, and I am running for Alaska State House 
District 10-E. 

Alaskans want solutions, not partisan politics - and I believe my experience as a problem solver in business and as a lifetime Anchorage resident, can help move us towards more resolution on the issues we share.


Being a legislator shouldn't all about new spending and regulations - it should be about solving problems with solutions that provide the most effectiveness with the least negative impact. Throughout my career, the one trait that has defined me has been my ability to create more efficient and constructive means of solving problems. 

From managing my own small business, to helping local staple Alaskan institutions, to some of the largest brands in the world - I have helped transform and lead various teams of scale, and want to apply those same principles to help elevate Southwest Anchorage. 

Various community-based transformation efforts I helped lead have been recognized with national awards, including: 

  "Educating Alaskan Children and Families During a Global Pandemic"
      Emmy Award Citation - Community Outreach
      57th Annual NATAS Northwest Emmy Awards

   "​​Educating a Community Changes Our World"
      Emmy Award Citation - Community Outreach
      58th Annual NATAS Northwest Emmy Awards

 "Digital Transformation at Alaska Public Media"
     Membership Award 
     PBS 2022 Development Awards

 "​​Preventing Youth Suicide in Alaska"
     Community Engagement Award
    ​ NETA 53rd Annual Public Media Awards

 "​2021 Report to the Community"
     Marketing - Annual Report Award
    ​ NETA 53rd Annual Public Media Awards



Represent & Defend the Rights of ALL Alaskans - 
No Exceptions
 (except one) 

It's unfortunate how often you will see representatives at all levels pause when thinking about if they stand for a certain constituent-base, worried about isolating themselves from what they perceive as their current supporters. This is unfortuante, as this often results in them projecting their own pre-conceived perception of what their base wants vs. truly understanding it.

I will stand with all Alaskans to represent their concerns and  will not tow the line for anyone but the constituents (no party, no corporation, no private interests.)

There is only one exception: If your desires are to control, manipulate or negatively influence the life of another, I will have no part in giving you a voice.

Provide True Transparency 
& Constituents Accessibility

Ever wonder why a representative at any level made the decision they did? We all have and there should be no reason with today's technology that we can't keep constituents 100% in the loop.

If faced with a decison that effects the lives of Alaskans at-large I will never using anything other that non-partisan facts (not talking points) to make decisions on your behalf. 

If elected, I will make it my comittment to create an website/ hub for District 10 that provides completely transparency on my activities and decisions in office so you can hold me accountable.

Restore Decision-making 
& Influence Back to Alaskans 
Whenever Possible

Alaskans steward Alaska better than anyone, and I believe that decision making at the smallest level ensures our diverse communities are served best. Over the last decade, growth in Alaska's economy has been stagnant or even in a recessive state - despite the opportunities our state offers. 

My commitment would be t o restore decision making back to Alaskans at every opportunity  to help ensure that local influence does not get outweighed by financial interest from entities outside of Alaska.


I want to start off by stating:  

I believe that people generally agree more than they disagree on - especially Alaskans!

We can all agree...

  Alaskans are the best steward of Alaska's lands and resources, as we understand that our state's value lies beyond oil and ore (while they remain a vital part of our economy.)

  ​Alaska is diverse and we know that the needs and the concerns of Alaskans vary from community to community.

  ​Everyone deserves to live their best life as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of and/or harm others.

We don't always agree how to solve our problems, but we can often agree on the issues we face  - which is a strong start. What's odd is, despite many of these agreements - politicians and many in the media would like you to believe that everything in life is a battle between "Red vs. Blue" instead of  "The People vs. Issues We Face."

Election after election, the same results are yielded because people make the same decisions - so where do we start to change this?

My suggestion? Let's  Start Here.  In our community. In our home. In our schools. 

Change starts from the ground, and for us - its here in Southwest Anchorage. 

This was the question that challenged me and led to the decision to embark on this campaign to help elevate the great things Southwest Anchorage (Klatt / Oceanview / Huffman / Dimond) is doing to keep Alaska moving in the right direction.

Join in making a step forward for Alaska, starting here in Southwest Anchorage.

Img Credit: GoogleEarth 2022 / Alaska Redistricting Board

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