Responsible Development

I support responsible  resource development as long as it can be held accountable by, and have input from, Alaskan communities impacted by the project.

Right to Bear Arms

I support the right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves or their family,  without infringement on law-abiding  Alaskans, as I do not believe in discriminating who's life is worth defending (which gun regulations often result in unintentionally.)

Individual Rights for All

I support everyone's right  to love, marry, live, raise their children or build their lives as they see fit  (as long as they don't harm or infringe upon others.)

Term Limits for Elected Officials

I support term limits for all elected positions at the state, city and federal levels.

Permanent Fund Dividend

I support legislative action or a citizen-driven ballot proposition to protect the PFD from uses not authorized by the people. 

While the budget issues need to be resolved, this is not the solution. The agreement that was made with the Alaskan people to manage the people's resources needs to be upheld unless a new one is made (as Alaskans gave up their land rights to do make the original deal, which is now not being honored.)

Patient & Provider 
Medical Rights

I support the right for a patient to receive any medical procedure or treatment that they consent to or decline any treatment or procedure that they do not explicitly consent to. 

I do not support 
any legislation that restricts a medical provider's ability to treat patient s within their discretion and bounds of their training or experience.

Commercial Trawling & Bycatch

I do not support commercial trawling fleets or any irresponsible use of Alaska's resources  which results in consequences such as excessive seafood bycatch. 

I do support r esponsible and sustainable methods of fishing that consider the long-term impact on subsistence communities and local industry over the benefit to outside entities.



My name is Mikel Insalaco, Libertarian candidate for Alaska State House  District 10-E.

Alaskans want solutions, not partisan politics - and I believe my experience as a problem solver in business and as a lifetime Anchorage resident, can help move us towards more resolution on the issues we share.


Being a legislator shouldn't all about new spending and regulations - it should be about solving problems with solutions that provide the most effectiveness with the least negative impact. Throughout my career, the one trait that has defined me has been my ability to create more efficient and constructive means of solving problems. 

From managing my own small business, to helping local staple Alaskan institutions, to some of the largest brands in the world - I have helped transform and lead various teams of scale, and want to apply those same principles to help elevate Southwest Anchorage. 

Various community-based transformation efforts I helped lead have been recognized with national awards, including: 

  "Educating Alaskan Children and Families During a Global Pandemic"
      Emmy Award Citation - Community Outreach
      57th Annual NATAS Northwest Emmy Awards

   "​​Educating a Community Changes Our World"
      Emmy Award Citation - Community Outreach
      58th Annual NATAS Northwest Emmy Awards

 "Digital Transformation at Alaska Public Media"
     Membership Award 
     PBS 2022 Development Awards

 "​​Preventing Youth Suicide in Alaska"
     Community Engagement Award
    ​ NETA 53rd Annual Public Media Awards

 "​2021 Report to the Community"
     Marketing - Annual Report Award
    ​ NETA 53rd Annual Public Media Awards

I can't do it without your help!


Insalaco In State House is not funded by a big party or PAC.
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